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ESSA - Eveneum Strategic Sourcing Application

The foundation of your strategic decisions.

Is your process solid enough to develop proper sourcing strategies and to select optimal suppliers?

We offer you a unique ecosystem of multilevel collaboration with suppliers. Ecosystem  of ESSA unites teams of logistic, quality, R+D, purchasing and top management in shaping the long term relationship with suppliers.

How can Eveneum support innovation and cost reduction?

ESSA is the central point of cooperation with suppliers. It is an ecosystem uniting multiple processes dispersed across organization into one user friendly solution. It is a system that grows around processes existing in your company, not the other way round! There is no need to teach employees how to use the system what is typical for the out-f-the-box solutions. ESSA is dedicated to manufacturing and technological sectors. It is the framework filled up with optimal processes to  boost performance (/ stimulate) your business!

Eveneum team can support you in the following fields:

New and incumbent suppliers assessment and qualification

Collaboration in logistics, quality and technology with suppliers

Supply chain risk management ( financial, legal and raw materials)

Internal cross-functional cooperation on sourcing strategies development and implementation

Technical specification change management coordination

Coordination of the purchasing team knowledge and development

Our vision of flawless collaboration with suppliers.

XXI century will be the time of reindustrialization of Europe. However it will be different industry than in the  XX century. Only enterprises that are innovative and able to reduce time to market will succeed. ESSA enables you to identify, assess and exploit innovation among your supply base. Innovation, which can be embedded into your strategic competitive advantage, cost reduction programs and finally satisfaction of the final customer.



Continuous improvement of supply base quality, stability and innovation


Better long term scheduling and reduction of  not on time deliveries to minimise cost and waste


Reduction of processing and production costs. It can be easily reported in you P&L statement