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New product introduction

Do not learn from mistakes. Choose certainty and security

The pace of modern economy requires companies to be highly innovative. Launching a new product or service may be a source of pride as well as concerns. Even the largest brands have their share of slip-ups – innovations that foundered despite a thorough market analysis.

Eveneum offers you the highest standard of new product introduction support.

How does Eveneum support new product introduction?

New products require special attention. Their development process is rarely stable and we are often forced to learn from mistakes that may prove very costly. Your procurement is faced with the crucial task of finding new technology sources and identifying the risks associated with the creation of a new supply chain as well as coming up with appropriate counter-measures. Your procurement should also be the window on the world for the project team and facilitate effective communication.

At Eveneum we have experience in implementing unique technologies and launching new products.

Our support includes:

Analysis and recommendations for improving an existing new product introduction process.

Designing product introduction plans for individual Clients.

Risk assessment, recommendations for the Client's individual project.

Workshops for the procurement department, promoting interdisciplinary activity.


What if your new product turns out to be at most a partial success? Does the fate of your whole company hinge on the success of your new introductions? If you are one of the people who ask themselves this kind of questions, now you may relax.

Our experts come from the leading world technology companies. Do not learn it the hard way: take advantage of our experience and avoid unnecessary risk, protecting yourself and your clients. Choose success.

Our innovative solutions are individually crafted to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.