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Straight answers instead of a maze of questions

Benchmarking is both the simplest and the most effective tool for measuring the competitiveness of your company's supply chain.

Take advantage of the vast experience and expertise of our advisers, who will help you assess the level of competitiveness of your suppliers as well as identify the best supply source for your business.

Benchmarking with Eveneum

Carrying out a benchmarking exercise seems relatively easy - and it actually is. Still, is there a wrong way to do it? Is it enough simply to contact a few suppliers? While correct in its premise, this course of action carries a significant risk of receiving low quality feedback.

The key to success is having a wide network of contacts, which allows you to contact only the most competitive of your potential suppliers.

By choosing Eveneum, you make sure you receive an accurate and exhaustive market data package that:

gives you a clear view of the market in your country as well as other world markets of your choice,

is based on most up-to-date information,

is delivered to you quickly and in an easily accessible format.

The Eveneum team has a profound knowledge of many product groups. Our tried suppliers database is the result of many years of hard work and constant updates.



Only a carefully designed and well-executed benchmarking exercise will provide you with more answers than questions.


An efficient business like yours cannot allow itself to guess which areas have the biggest savings potential, where to put your time and effort and which parts of the supply chain should be scrutinized for their competitiveness.


Our specialists will help you identify your problem areas, so that you get the maximum effect in the shortest time possible. Get in touch today and learn how to carry out benchmarking in a way that provides you with answers instead of more questions.