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Global vs. Local Sourcing

Strategic importance of localization


With transport costs growing and constantly changing demand patterns effective sourcing becomes of paramount importance. Strategic sourcing may prove extremely important to the growth of your company as long as you ensure the right level of coordination between innovation, streamlining, price policy and procurement.

Eveneum will support your company in managing this important process.

How does Eveneum support Global and Local Sourcing?

You are unsure as to how you should manage your supplier base or how changing the location of your supplier will affect your business? Based on an evaluation of your current suppliers and the practices of your procurement we will determine where you should look for your suppliers in order to:

streamline sourcing and logistics,

reduce the cost of possible technical or quality issues,

provide your business with flexibility in the face of changing demand patterns,

take the partnership with your supplier to a higher level of efficiency.

Why is the localization of your supplier so important?

Maintaining a partnership with a remote supplier requires a lot of discipline, and when things start to look different from what you originally agreed on, you run a risk of supply chain failure.

Moving your supply source closer to your business may help you streamline costs, as well as facilitate cooperation.



You can trust us. We have a vast experience in global and local sourcing in the largest international corporations. By constant collaboration with suppliers from all over the world we have been able to come up with methods and tools that translate into successful supplier management.


We will help you determine which of your suppliers you should keep and which of them may be replaced. Our knowledge of emerging markets will prove an asset when it comes to choosing the right business partner.


We act with your interests and the interests of your clients in mind. We will make sure that your sourcing supports your business in the best way possible.

Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.