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Dealing with corporate suppliers

Don't let them catch you off-guard

Just entered a partnership with a corporate supplier? Great, well done.

However, you may soon find that your supplier sets really tough conditions and keeps making things difficult for you.

Eveneum's advisers are at your disposal – we will show you how to deal with „the big guy” when he targets you with a complex negotiation strategy.

What do we teach you about dealing with corporate suppliers?

Dealing with a corporate supplier is no mean task. Apart from being highly innovative large businesses are superbly trained sellers, set on systematically building and improving their market position. They are always ready to spring into action and have an answer to your every question. They employ exceptionally effective as well as intricate strategies, which makes them unpredictable and difficult business partners.

Do not let them push you around! Choose our carefully crafted corporate supplier management workshops.



Do you feel that the corporation is turning a deaf ear on your attempts to negotiate price or partnership terms? Have you stumbled into the problem of arbitrary price limits?


Do they keep hiding behind “company policy” and “general terms of cooperation”? If you fear you are doomed to a profitless partnership with a bigger partner who does not take you seriously, our experts will put your worries to rest.


At Eveneum's corporate supplier management workshops you are going to learn tricks and strategies that will make you the „big guy“.

Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.