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Buyer’s negotiation. Inclass.

Training objectives

Using cost breakdown in negotiations
Using procurement strategy to strenghten buyer's negotiation position
Pre-emptive actions and application of the linear cost model
Dealing with price increases

Training benefits

We introduce tools helping with data analysis and preparation. Instead of opinions you will focus on facts and figures!

We apply experiential learning process and practice on real life examples from direct and indirect procurement

Buyer's Negotiation training by Eveneum will link your procurement strategy with negotiation behaviour and help executing SRM plan

Training description

We invite you to a professional workshop for buyers based on the proprietary Eveneum Negotiation Compass® method!

Negotiations are a rather stressful process, both for the buyer and the supplier. Especially if negotiations are based on beliefs and opinions, and less on data analysis and proper preparation. We invite Buyers who believe that in their case, more than just a power play is needed to reach an agreement.

Buyer's Negotiation is a workshop especially useful for buyers, category leaders, purchasing managers and directors who want to implement SRM into their negotiations. Exercises are tailored to both direct and indirect procurement.

If your company's success largely depends on multidimensional relationship with suppliers, you buy parts, services or you are responsible for the new investments, then you are in the right place! The Buyer's Negotiation workshop will help you to systematise approach towards suppliers, strengthen effective implementation of your purchasing strategy, and help you build negotiation strategies tailored to the type of relationship you want to achieve.

The consistent methodology of Eveneum negotiation workshops, developed through years of business practice and conducting negotiation workshops in Poland, Europe and the USA, allows participants to further develop their competences through the following complimentary programs:

Key elements of the training

  • Pre-emptive actions
  • Kraljic analysis, portfolio segmentation and adjusting negotiation style
  • Tools sellers use to segment customers
  • Dealing with price increases
  • Eveneum's Negotiation Planner
  • Internal & external data collection
  • Managing Stakeholders and developing trust
  • Manager's authority and effective escalation
  • Negotiations in a direct and indirect procurement
  • Price reduction vs. cost reduction
  • A letter from a VIP and an effect of surprise
  • Developing an effective negotiation agenda
  • Effective opening and closing of negotiation meeting
  • H2H in negotiations
  • Negotiators' personalities and human aspect of the negotiation process
  • Cultural differences in the global business

After the workshop, participants will know how to adapt their behavior to a specific supplier, who should be their support, how to manage the negotiation team and how to effectively use the time spent on preparation. Our techniques and tools will help in building up the authority and professional picture of a buyer.

The workshops can be supplemented with the personal coaching session - Negotiation Sparring Partner available in Polish and English.

Buyer’s negotiation. Inclass.

Dedicated, in-company session.

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