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Dealing with global corporate buyers. Online


Actively influence custopmer’s purchasing strategy
Achieve and maintain Strategic Supplier Position
Build long term relationship
Increase chance to win a new business


We are professional buyers and we offer you unique opportunity to discuss successes and failures we have personally experienced with suppliers. What would be your questions?

We want you to understand your customer even before you meet for the first time. Let us surprise you with your Customer’s Purchasing Profile we prepare for you using our unique methodology.

Find out hidden needs and requirements of international corporations and become their supplier of choice. Systematize your approach, spend saved time in the most efficient way!


We have developed “Dealing with global corporate buyers” programto help our Clients improve their relationship with customers. We equip sales people with tools and provide them with methodology that can be applied on daily business practice. The workshop has been recognized by American and local Customers.

The main topics are:

  • Types of purchasing organization - how navigate through them
  • KPIs – do buyers tell you everything?
  • Buyer’s internal stakeholders – how effectively influence them
  • The Buyer’s Theory of Needs - identifying real needs of the customer
  • Need and how to manage expectations
  • New supplier qualification – how to leapfrog competitors
  • Purchasing strategies – how to become strategic supplier / partner


  • W zależności od tematu szkolenia gwarantujemy Trenera z aktualnym doświadczeniem biznesowym w zakupach typu direct oraz indirect.

    Zapraszamy do kontaktu aby otrzymać szczegółowe informacje o naszych Trenerach-Ekspertach 

Dealing with global corporate buyers. Online

  • Duration: 6 hours

  • Start time: 9:00 a.m.

  • Access through: