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Building effective partnerships with your suppliers

Business must be profitable, not every partnership is

Insufficient support on the part of your suppliers may prove a serious issue and a threat to your market position; it is also a real obstacle to the growth of your business. Incompetent suppliers may hamper the hard work of your team. In order for your company to succeed in a competitive market you need your partners' close cooperation on creating added value.

Eveneum provides you with solutions for building effective partnerships with your suppliers.

How does Eveneum support building effective partnerships with your suppliers?

Our experts will advise you how to choose the best and most reliable suppliers from among those available to you and how to build lasting, highly professional partnerships with them.

We offer you a partnership building package including the following services:

Evaluation of current suppliers.

Recommendations for tools, techniques and strategies.

Defining main problem areas and suggesting appropriate solutions.

Defining main areas with potential for increasing profits and suggesting ways of fulfilling this potential.

Partnership building plan based on the Eveneum Method.


In accordance with the Pareto principle, 80% of the time your business puts into managing partnerships is most likely spent on partners who contribute only 20% of the overall value. Break this vicious circle and choose Eveneum's simple but extremely effective solutions. Increase your efficiency in the key areas of your activity and build relationships that give you as much as 80% value. This is how the best businesses in the industry operate.

Our innovative solutions are individually crafted to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.