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E-360 ‘- the method for continuous development and monitoring of the implementation of the acquired knowledge

We recently mentioned on our blog that investing in employee training is a decisively profitable move. But to achieve ROI (return on investment), it is necessary to provide opportunities for trained employees for continuous practical use of the acquired knowledge and new techniques. What are the evaluation goals of the 360 ‘model? The objectives of…
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Supply chain security thanks to blockchain technology

Resilience of the supply chain to threats that may occur along the way of the entire process is an unquestionable basis for every business. Regardless of how complex the company structure is and how extensive the entire process is, proper supply chain management tactics and tools will not only improve the quality of services provided,…
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Zagrożenia związane z e-aukcjami - jak sobie z nimi radzić

Risks associated with e-auctions – how to deal with them?

Purchasing e-auctions, also known as reverse auctions, are an interesting solution that can bring significant savings. It is not surprising, therefore, that they are gaining more and more fans. It is generally believed that e-auctions can improve price effectiveness. They can also allow partial elimination of time-consuming and often complicated business negotiations with suppliers. However,…
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Korzyści wynikające ze stosowania narzędzi IT w procesie S2P

Benefits resulting from the use of IT tools in the S2P process

The Source to Pay (S2P) process is one of the most complex processes in the day to day operations of enterprises. It covers the whole life cycle of the purchase transaction – from selecting the supplier to payment for delivery. And despite the growing level of automation, it is still vulnerable to the risk of…
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Dlaczego warto mieć dobrych negocjatorów?

Why is it worth having good negotiators?

Business negotiations are not just about defeating the opponent in the discussion and negotiating good terms for oneself. On the contrary, an effective negotiator knows how to create a situation in which all parties will be satisfied with the outcome of the negotiation process. This ability is invaluable not only for negotiations. It can also…
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Co to jest przewaga konkurencyjna?

What is the competitive advantage?

We have repeatedly written about competitive advantage on our blog. We also emphasized the importance of conducting business negotiations and managing relationships in the way supporting the competitive advantage. But what is the competitive advantage? And what are the most effective methods of achieving it? What is a competitive advantage? The competitive advantage is when…
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What is the Eveneum Method?

There are many effective solutions out there, but they are usually costly and time-consuming. The Eveneum Method is different. In keeping with the newest trends and the evolving needs of the modern international market, we have crafted a single, simple way of managing the supply chain that stems from our experience gained at numerous international corporations.


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