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Zarządzanie talentami w dziale zakupów

Talent management in the purchasing department

The market observed an urgent need for reorientation of activities in the area of talent management. The crisis associated with the acquisition, maintenance and development of employees is becoming a serious problem for many organizations. Of course, this problem also applies to purchasing departments. New tasks for buyers – eg in the area of innovation…
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Szkolenie z negocjacji - czy jest potrzebne? | warsztaty biznesowe Eveneum

Negotiation training – is it really necessary?

Often, after starting work that’s including negotiations and after achieving first successes, it may happen that we rest on our laurels convinced of innate talent. Probably there is a lot of truth in it, because the talent for business negotiations makes it much easier to achieve the goal. However, it is not the only factor…
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Business negotiations – an art in itself or a matter of practice?

Achieving desired results in negotiations depends on many factors and requires meeting certain conditions. Undoubtedly, an important aspect is the passion for a job and personal abilities. Characteristics such as openness and resistance to stress are certainly irrelevant. However, do only innate skills give a chance to be successful in negotiation processes? Are there any…
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What is the audit of the company?

The audit of a company should be carried out by an independent auditor. Only then the evaluation and further documentation as well as the new strategy will be prepared in an objective manner. Business audits may have different goals and final results. What is the business audit, what are the types of audits and offered…
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Areas of business consulting – classification

Very often starting a business people are convinced about the reliability of their strategy. Equally often, running a company for many years, people assume that their processes are reliable. Even if they can observe imperfections and complications. However, to be sure that the company strategy is as optimal, it is good to know the opinion…
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E-360 ‘- the method for continuous development and monitoring of the implementation of the acquired knowledge

We recently mentioned on our blog that investing in employee training is a decisively profitable move. But to achieve ROI (return on investment), it is necessary to provide opportunities for trained employees for continuous practical use of the acquired knowledge and new techniques. What are the evaluation goals of the 360 ‘model? The objectives of…
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What is the Eveneum Method?

There are many effective solutions out there, but they are usually costly and time-consuming. The Eveneum Method is different. In keeping with the newest trends and the evolving needs of the modern international market, we have crafted a single, simple way of managing the supply chain that stems from our experience gained at numerous international corporations.


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