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szkolenia z negocjacji

Reinforce the business acumen of young team members through negotiation trainings

Author: Rafał Dados Professional negotiation trainings as a competitive advantage of your organization As a leader of effective team you always try to find the synergies among your team members’ skills and talents. Companies which are build on inclusivity are better positioned to achieve objectives and are more sustainable against external shocks. Sooner or later…
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procurement sales

Procurement & Sales together on the training? Why not?!

Author: Szymon Tochowicz Joint Procurement & Sales traning The solution for sustainable results Industry: manufacturing Objectives: train teams in the latest negotiation techniques and tactics, improve collaboration, focus on increased value generation to the final customer Participants: Managers, Directors and VPs Functions: Procurement, Sales, Technology, Quality Length of the program: 2 years Program in numbers no.…
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negocjacje rzeczowe

How negotiation can demotivate your team

Author: Rafał Dados Negotiation can drain or charge your team batteries Whenever you are sales or procurement manager, you have had to mobilize your people to negotiate with internal or external business partners. Many of your  people link negotiation with a stressful situation where obviously conflict of interest will rise. Those two facts: stress and…
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Working with Indian partners. Practial tips.

Author: Pankaj Saluja Indian economy after COVID19 lockdown. Study and execute opportunities! China is a well established source of many materials for European companies. Advantages and disadvantages of China are well known. India was the EU’s 10th largest partner for imports (2% of total extra-EU imports) and the 11th largest for EU exports (2% of…
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First negotiation, then mediation. Part 2

Author: Monika Bis Part 2 In this blog we are taking closer look to recurring negotiations. Situation, when after signing a contract with supplier both sides face crisis in implementing it. Procurement professionals are again engaged to help business. In Part 1 of this blog we described business case with media house negotiation and “my…
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The purchasing strategy and supplier dependency

In the book „The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” written by Brad Stone, Amazon’s employees compare trade on the company website to addiction to heroin. When product sales gains momentum sellers fall into euphoria, then into addiction but when Amazon starts to reduce margins comes self-destruction. According to Kerry Morris vendors…
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What is the Eveneum Method?

There are many effective solutions out there, but they are usually costly and time-consuming. The Eveneum Method is different. In keeping with the newest trends and the evolving needs of the modern international market, we have crafted a single, simple way of managing the supply chain that stems from our experience gained at numerous international corporations.


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