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Special actions for turbulent times. Make or buy.

Make or buy decision process

Special actions for turbulent times. Make or buy. Author: Szymon Tochowicz Technology changes, geopolitics, pandemia are reasons to review strategy and look again at what to make or buy “May you live in interesting times” This English proverb arguably is a translation of a Chinese curse. Covid-19, Russian invasion on Ukraine… Procurement job was never…

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Impact of war in Ukraine and sanctions on supply chain sustainability.

Ukrainian flag. Sanctions on Russia. War in Ukraine

Impact of war in Ukraine and sanctions on supply chain sustainability. Author: Rafał Dados How war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia may impact short and mid term sustainability of global supply chains. Status as on 21st of March 2022. Part 1. We hosted online purchasing community meeting on 18th of March 2022. 60+ experts…

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Effective (… and impressive) buyer

Obraz WikiImages z Pixabay

Effective (… and impressive) buyer Author: Szymon Tochowicz “Effective (… and impressive) buyer”. Training project for defense industry Working as a category manager for automotive company I used to deal with stakeholders across Europe. My peers, other category managers were located in France, Germany and Spain. One of them was a very LOCOMOTIVE type of…

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Areas of business consulting – classification


Very often starting a business people are convinced about the reliability of their strategy. Equally often, running a company for many years, people assume that their processes are reliable. Even if they can observe imperfections and complications. However, to be sure that the company strategy is as optimal, it is good to know the opinion…

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Risks associated with e-auctions – how to deal with them?

Zagrożenia związane z e-aukcjami - jak sobie z nimi radzić

Purchasing e-auctions, also known as reverse auctions, are an interesting solution that can bring significant savings. It is not surprising, therefore, that they are gaining more and more fans. It is generally believed that e-auctions can improve price effectiveness. They can also allow partial elimination of time-consuming and often complicated business negotiations with suppliers. However,…

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What is the competitive advantage?

Co to jest przewaga konkurencyjna?

We have repeatedly written about competitive advantage on our blog. We also emphasized the importance of conducting business negotiations and managing relationships in the way supporting the competitive advantage. But what is the competitive advantage? And what are the most effective methods of achieving it? What is a competitive advantage? The competitive advantage is when…

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Purchasing department as a leader of innovation

Dział zakupów jako lider innowacyjności w firmie

Many experts predict that the responsibilities of purchasing departments will change in the near future. In the greatest simplification, buyers will no longer be responsible only for acquiring raw materials, goods and services but will become the most important in generation of new ideas and innovations. Transformation as a result of previous successes Responsibility for…

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Buyers’ competences according to the leaders

Kompetencje kupców w ocenie zarządzających działami zakupów

In the previous post, we raised the subject of new competencies that are required from buyers. This time, we will consider how the new challenges in development are assessed by the purchasing department managers. Are purchasing department’s employees ready for new challenges? Or maybe there is still a lot to do in this area? An…

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The new competences of Buyers

Nowe kompetencje Kupców

To keep pace with market trends, purchasing is evolving with unprecedented dynamics. Companies invest huge resources in activities aimed at increasing the role of purchasing departments. The goal of the investment is to get buyers out of the traditional role of “cost guards” and increase the potential added value they can bring to organization. The…

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