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Purchasing department as a leader of innovation

Many experts predict that the responsibilities of purchasing departments will change in the near future. In the greatest simplification, buyers will no longer be responsible only for acquiring raw materials, goods and services but will become the most important in generation of new ideas and innovations.

Transformation as a result of previous successes

Responsibility for generating and increasing savings, caused a huge development of purchasing departments. In modern companies, they are responsible not only for the selection of suppliers, negotiation or control of the level of delivery.

Today’s purchasing departments have become the creators of new business opportunities. They organize suppliers’ development programs and are responsible for their involvement in the development of a company. As a result, they use commercial relationships to create a competitive advantage of the company.

A greater impact on the company’s competition strategies

Expectations are huge. Executives are convinced that the purchasing departments are able to provide answers to the following questions:

  • How purchasing affects satisfaction of the end customer?
  • How purchasing influences the company’s innovation?
  • How purchasing supports development of the business?

Global business leaders have consistent view, the answers provided by purchasing departments will have a decisive impact on companies’ competiveness. Purchasing will play a key role in creating new innovative products or services and in implementing unique sales proposals.

Purchasing are expected to become business partners of all other departments participating in a development of  competitive advantage.

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