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Purchase of software – a new competence in the purchasing department

Much has been said and written about the impact of new technologies on the tasks performed by the purchasing departments – eg. managing and developing relationships with suppliers. Both experts and leaders of the world’s largest corporations are sure that modern IT systems using machine learning and artificial intelligence will permanently change the way in which buyers are currently working and will allow them to focus on tasks that bring more value to the company.

Meanwhile, the dynamic development of modern technologies has one more consequence. One that is talked about less often. What is it?

Software purchase

Market researches show that IT departments are less involved in software purchases. Experts are confident that in the coming years this responsability will be largely transferred to purchasing. Therefore, the buyers will have to improve their competences in the field of technological products and services in order to confidently manage the IT purchase process for the entire organization.

Competences in technology are necessary

Of course, this has a huge impact on the preparation of people in purchasing departments. In the absence of appropriate competences, they will have problems with negotiating and buying technology for business units, such as marketing or human resources departments. Lack of sufficient knowledge about products or services may be the source of ineffective software supply contracts that may lead to significant operational and financial risks. They can also be a source of serious problems in the area of security of operations.

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