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BUSINESS ADVISORY - Straight to the point

The best time to act is now!

~Mark Fisher

Take a moment to think about which of your business choices could be better today, if only you had known what was going to happen on the market. How much the quality of your decision-making would improve if you could foresee the future events and trends.

With Eveneum it is easier than you think. Start making better decisions today.



Instead of brooding over the more or less fortunate choices you made in the past - look to the future. You do not need a crystal ball for your business to start bringing great results today.


Neither do you need to hire an army of scientists to spend months drawing up a vision of your company you may not even like in the end.


When you make important decisions, it is worth hearing the opinion and advice of our experienced advisers.

What we do for you as business advisers

When it comes to business advisory we focus on what we know best – purchasing as a strategic value. Drawing on our experience and profound knowledge of the market we support our Clients in the following activities:

Market research and business partner search

Compliance in procurement

New product introduction

Building effective partnerships with your suppliers

Change management

Designing structures and processes for purchasing

Company auditing

Contract auditing