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Workshops with Eveneum

Putting theory into practice

Training is good, but workshops are even better. Knowing the theory is essential, but it is a practice that makes one perfect.

Workshops with Eveneum give you a chance to put your knowledge into use, as well as test yourself and learn how good you are and what else you can do in order to achieve success.

We extend our invitation to everyone willing to gain and perfect new skills for managing procurement and dealing with business partners.

What do workshops with Eveneum entail?

During our workshops we will focus on providing you with practical knowledge and simulating real-life situations you may encounter while dealing with business partners.



There are no boring lectures and there is no passive listening – we prefer to work on business cases. We begin by thoroughly evaluating your business skills and knowledge.


On that basis we will design a competence development program that is individually tailored to your abilities, circumstances and business goals.


Why wait? Contact us today and increase the quality of work at your business.