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Negotiation coaching with Negotiation Compass®

Training objectives

Negotiator's E-360 personal profile
Negotiation according to business relation type
Building counterparts' satisfaction
Self-assesment and analysis of the counterparts

Benefits from training

Video recorded simulation games for identification of personal strengths and areas for improvement 

Theory supported by real life examples and immediately tested on the field. Experiential learning methodology

Priceless discussions with people at a similar level but with a different experience

Training description

Eveneum's Negotiation Coaching. 35 hours of intense work!

The training consists of:

  • individual on-line session
  • 24 hours of negotiation training
  • preparation of the personal Negotiation E-360 profile

We invite you to our proprietary program based on Eveneum's Negotiation Compass®.

Effective negotiator knows that Satisfaction is the key in doing business. At the both sides of the table. Negotiation Coaching helps to achieve a higher level of effectiveness, maximize personal endowments, eliminate routine and weaknesses.

 Typical participants of the training are C-level executives, sales and purchasing managers, lawyers, board members, business owners. Trainer-practitioner works with a group of only 8 people.


  • Bargaining - here and now
  • Concession trading - see you again!
  • Relationship building - cooperation is a key
  • Partnership - money is not everything

Each is a specific and requires special approach. All are important and we treat all with due care. During our workshop you will practice how to deal effectively at each of the levels and what negotiation technics work best for them.

Negotiation Compass® and Negotiation E-360 are real boosts guaranteeing effectiveness and satisfaction in every negotiation!

Framework of training

  • Conflict and fairness – risks and opportunities
  • Time And Silence
  • Emotions
  • EGOs and Personalities
  • Preparations and informational meetings
  • Selling & Buying vs. Negotiating
  • Managing teams and tasks
  • Concession trading technics
  • Asking questions effectively
  • Defending against manipulation
  • Negotiations adequate to business relations
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Power Statement
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Developing negotiator’s authority
  • Technics reinforcing message
  • Negotiation Planner
Eveneum Negotiation Compass

Each participant of this workshop becomes a member of the Eveneum negotiator community. He can count on our support in further improving his negotiating skills in the form of individual work by:

  • Negotiating Shadow workshop
  • more negotiation practice with the Eveneum Negotiating Sparring Partner

Negotiation coaching with Negotiation Compass®

  • Duration: 3 days

  • Start time: 9:00 a.m.

  • Training venue: Kraków/Warsaw

    The final decision on the venue will be taken a few weeks before session

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