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Savings and cost optimisation


Identify aditional opportunities for savings
Analyse the price and prepare cost breakdown
Introduction to cost models
Improve stress management during negotiations


Participants will learn about the best practices used by global corporations in cost optimisation

Participants will be prepared for substantive discussions on cost reduction

Participants will become the cost detectives able to decipher offers they receive



Savings & Cost Optimisation Training provides professional buyers with tools that help them analyse cost, identify "grey areas" and prepare factual argumentation for discussions with suppliers. During the training we discuss real life examples for direct and indirect procurement.

On practical examples we will prove that standardised methodology can be applied to anything you want to buy. It can be product or service. You choose. Test us :)

We use real examples from direct and indirect procurement. Participants work with Excel forms for cost management developed by Eveneum. The training is divided into 5 areas always useful for a professional buyer:

  • Preparation: cost breakdown & where suppliers hide their margin
  • Price management: cost models & TCO for product and service
  • Inventory management: MOQ, EOQ, Safety Stock
  • Value for money: needs management & Functional Specification
  • Savings in the processes: LEAN, Value Stream Mapping

Participants receive automated Excel forms, based on best practices, ready to be used at work. With these tools they will be able to decipher offers even without the Cost Breakdown from a supplier.

90% of your success is due to the proper preparation. Join the training! Your next negotiation will be based on facts and not emotions.


Szymon Tochowicz

Szymon Tochowicz

Head of procurement, aerospace engineer

Head of procurement, aerospace engineer with 20 years in strategic sourcing. Managed teams of strategic buyers and category managers at the regional and global levels. Responsible for the project “Why Purchasing?” promoting procurement as a function. In Eveneum he is involved in consulting projects and customized trainings. He is specialized in automotive, aerospace, defense and energy industries. Trainer at the European Institute of Purchasing Management and lecturer at the Jagiellonian University.

Savings and cost optimisation

Duration: 16 hours

Accessing through: Microsoft Teams

Start time: 9:00AM