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Strategic IT/IS category management

Training objectives

Discussing current trends in the world of ICT systems
Guidance to build a purchasing strategy for the ICT category and its implementation plan
Presenting the concept of risk mitigation in buying technology
Practice on how to communicate strategy to the stakeholders effectively

Benefits from trainings

The training will allow for a thorough analysis of the current approach to ICT purchases in the organization

Based on the acquired knowledge and practical exercises, participants will create ready - to - use strategies for selected IT/IS categories and present them to the group

As part of the training, participants will consolidate their knowledge of the issues necessary for effective category management and supplier relations

Training description

This training is dedicated to employees in the procurement and IT departments who are responsible for acquiring and maintaining relationships with suppliers in the ICT sector. The program provides a logical progression from analyzing the role that purchasing plays in the company, managing internal business partners, defining purchasing strategies, managing supplier relationships (SRM), and concluding with negotiations and contracting in accordance with the strategy.

As part of the workshop preparation, participants gather information about the suppliers with whom they collaborate, based on Eveneum's guidelines and forms. This allows them to think beyond the typical procurement mindset and view suppliers from a broader perspective. The methodology used during the workshop is based on the best procurement practices employed by Fortune 500 companies. Each participant will implement them for their own portfolio!

Scope of training

  • Changes and mega trends in the IT procurement market
  • Identification of strategic IT/IS areas for our organization
  • Five steps of creating an effective sourcing strategy
  • Tools and methods for choosing the best strategies
  • Effective IT procurement planning - impact on the company's long-term strategies
  • How to effectively communicate the strategy in the organization to ensure its fast adoption and implementation
  • Identification and management of the right stakeholders in the organization
  • Needs vs. requirements (managing internal customer and stakeholder expectations)
  • Internal RFI analysis - selection criteria for external partners
  • Selection of KPI and SLA indicators for procurement strategies
  • Proper definition of the essence and the purpose of TCO in IT/IS
  • Competitive analysis in the IT/IS market segment
  • Practical application of SWOT analysis of our organization to build relationships with suppliers
  • Methods of customer and supplier segmentation - matrix intersection and conclusions for strategy
  • Relationships with monopolistic suppliers
  • The role of Proof of Concept in making procurement decisions
  • Vision and future state of the category
  • Company strategy planning and long-term supplier relationships
  • Analysis of gaps and task definition
  • Exit plan, continuity plan, and risk management plan
  • Management of task implementation (IT department vs. procurement department)
  • Types of contracts commonly used in telecommunication and IT procurement (time & material, fixed price, performance-based contract)
  • Pitfalls during contract negotiation that reduce our long-term negotiating power
  • How to plan and coordinate meetings with suppliers in collaboration with the business
  • Reporting savings, KPI and SLA
  • Supplier perspective: common mistakes in purchasing IT and telecommunication products and services

Case study discussed during the training:

  • Mobile telecommunications
  • Implementation of ERP and CRM class IT systems
  • Telecommunication infrastructure: computers, servers, printers, peripheral devices
  • BPM solutions (business process management)
  • Microsoft licenses


  • Depending on the training topic, we guarantee a trainer with current business experience in both direct and indirect purchasing.

    We invite you to contact us to receive detailed information about our Expert - Trainers.

Strategic IT/IS category management

  • Duration: 16 hours

  • Start time: 9:00 a.m.

    The final location will be adjusted to the participants needs

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