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Areas of business consulting – classification

Very often starting a business people are convinced about the reliability of their strategy. Equally often, running a company for many years, people assume that their processes are reliable. Even if they can observe imperfections and complications.

However, to be sure that the company strategy is as optimal, it is good to know the opinion of independent and experienced advisers. It may turn out that what we considered efficient requires reorganization greatly improving the cost effectiveness of the company.

What is a business consulting and what areas it covers?

Business consulting is the support of entrepreneurs by specialized experts. It involves verification of current business processes and implementation of changes leading to the improvement. They may refer to both optimization and complete restructuring of the company.

The work of a business advisor is based, first and foremost, on the recognition of the current status of the company, knowledge of the company’s functioning procedures and structures. In the next steps, the advisor focuses on identifying potential inaccuracies and irregularities in current processes, and then develops an improved operational model, which aims to optimize processes and, above all, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Generally speaking, a professional advisor:

  • He discovers – that is, he tries to thoroughly understand the characteristic and culture of the company, as well as its processes
  • Evaluates – juxtaposes effects / resources, including assets with investments and costs incurred
  • Restructures – by converting or transforming current processes into more financially effective

Is it worth it to use the business consulting?

Even the most experienced entrepreneurs may have doubts and may need external support. With time, we can lose the distance to the implemented  strategies implemented, and an independent opinion can bring us tangible benefits.

In the case of a start-up, using the opinions of experienced people may increase the chances of success and the company’s survival on the market.

Business consulting, carried out by professionals, allows you to achieve the desired results within a certain time. Why? Because the effectiveness of consultancy is measured on the basis of final results.

Areas of business consulting may include:

  • Business consulting
  • Career counseling
  • Personal Consulting
  • Personal or company branding advisory

At Eveneum, we specialize in business consulting in the field of supply chain. We carry out audits of suppliers and contracts, and also implement strategies related to:

  • change management
  • development of purchase structures and processes
  • building effective relationships
  • new launches
  • supply market research and identification of business partners

We invite to contact us any entrepreneur who is unsure about his current strategies or needs advice for further development of his business.