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Preparation to negotiation. 4 common mistakes.

Preparation to negotiation. 4 common mistakes

Preparation to negotiation. 4 common mistakes. Author: Rafał Dados Preparation to negotiation. The boss’s perspective. Many managers evaluate the negotiating skills of their team members based on the course of the negotiations themselves, appreciating the dynamics, assertiveness, tactics, and style of negotiation. Often, less successful people are assessed lower, even though they achieve equivalent results,…

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Risk management. Knowledge based on experience.

strategiczne zarządzanie risk management

Anticipating risk and preventing it, we learn through experience (ours or others) We can divide risk in diverse ways. We have e.g. political risk, natural disasters, financial risk, technological risk, supplier dependence, legal risk …  Another look at the risk allocation is a split between known and unknown risk. In the case of known risk,…

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Effective (… and impressive) buyer

Obraz WikiImages z Pixabay

Effective (… and impressive) buyer Author: Szymon Tochowicz “Effective (… and impressive) buyer”. Training project for defense industry Working as a category manager for automotive company I used to deal with stakeholders across Europe. My peers, other category managers were located in France, Germany and Spain. One of them was a very LOCOMOTIVE type of…

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Working with Indian partners. Practial tips.


Working with Indian partners. Practial tips. Author: Pankaj Saluja Indian economy after COVID19 lockdown. Study and execute opportunities! China is a well established source of many materials for European companies. Advantages and disadvantages of China are well known. India was the EU’s 10th largest partner for imports (2% of total extra-EU imports) and the 11th…

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The purchasing strategy and supplier dependency

purchasing strategy and supplier demendency implications

How to address supplier dependency in purchasing strategy? In the book „The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” written by Brad Stone, Amazon’s employees compare trade on the company website to addiction to heroin. When product sales gains momentum sellers fall into euphoria, then into addiction but when Amazon starts to reduce…

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Areas of business consulting – classification


Very often starting a business people are convinced about the reliability of their strategy. Equally often, running a company for many years, people assume that their processes are reliable. Even if they can observe imperfections and complications. However, to be sure that the company strategy is as optimal, it is good to know the opinion…

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How buyers classify suppliers?

O tym jak kupcy grupują dostawców

How do buyers classify suppliers? Even the most experienced vendors are looking for this answer . Of course, there is no universal classification. Each purchasing organization needs to adapt the process to its needs and the supply management philosophy. We, however, decided to face this difficult task and present one of the most universal classifications.…

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Individual work with suppliers in the purchasing strategy

Oszczędności internet rzeczy

The future of purchasing departments and supplier management will depend on their ability to provide enterprises with measurable value. The ongoing industrial revolution is imposing improvement of efficiency, innovation, higher levels of customer service and better fulfilment of his specific needs. And, as a result,  it should improve competitiveness of the company. In the opinion…

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The goals of training business negotiations with suppliers

Trening negocjacyjny z dostawcami

On our blog, we have written several times about the methods of building and training negotiation competences. We emphasized the importance of training as well as the following activities aimed at improving acquired skills. Now we will describe the effects resulting from a job well done.

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Is it worth developing all suppliers?


The previous text began a mini-series concerning the development area suppliers. The subject is in fact complex. The following article will focus on the problem related to the selection of suppliers that are worth developing. How to select the appropriate audience development programs? Implementation and effective conduct of the supplier development program can be costly.…

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