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What is the audit of the company?

The audit of a company should be carried out by an independent auditor. Only then the evaluation and further documentation as well as the new strategy will be prepared in an objective manner. Business audits may have different goals and final results.

What is the business audit, what are the types of audits and offered benefits?

Business audit – what does it involve?

Business audits are independent, objective activities. Their results can help to improve existing processes. Depending on the needs, the audits may differ from each other. It all depends on the purpose set before the auditor. However, each audit has a common denominator – assessment of the current status.

Independent business audits bring many benefits to the company. Primarily:

  • Based on the audit the existing processes can be improved and it lead to increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of the carried out activities
  • Abnormalities in existing processes, including abuse, will be revealed, and as a result – a strategy for eliminating and limiting the associated business risk can be developed.
  • Leaders can better understand potential threats in the evaluated area
  • Can be prepared recommendations of the corrective actions
  • Preventive actions can be indicated, in order to avoid troubles in the future. This is to ensure the best possible process protection and optimization.

The final product of the audit is a report, ie a summary of identified irregularities and recommendations for improving the functioning of processes.

Types of business audits

The company’s audit can have different scope. Depending on the industry of the company and areas that require optimization, the audit will be carried out in a different way.

Business audits usually concern areas of:

  • Finance
  • Contracts
  • Data security
  • Performance
  • Marketing
  • Due Diligence
  • Legal
  • Risk management
  • Other, adapted to the business requirements

Eveneum specializes in the process optimization in the field of supply chain. We carry out contract audits, supplier audits, purchasing process audits and quality audits. We prepare and support the implementation of a purchasing strategy as well as improving and optimizing existing processes.

Purchasing Due Diligence includes in turn a full range of audits related to the effectiveness of purchasing organization, purchasing contracts, suppliers and the value stream mapping. We prepare recommendations of improvements as well as the plan for implementation.

We invite you to contact us in order to get to know the details and to learn how we conduct business audits.