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Dealing with corporate buyers

Choose world-class expertise

Meetings with large companies are always difficult. Your individual performance often has a large influence on how much your business will benefit from the new partnership. Do not count on a stroke of luck, do not say „it's going to be OK” – contact us today and learn ins and outs of selling to corporations. Our advisers are professional corporate buyers who will put you through different business meeting scenarios.

How does Eveneum support dealing with corporate buyers?

If you are starting collaboration with a corporate buyer and you want to know how to prepare for the meeting and show your business in the best light possible, our ´Dealing with corporate buyers´ workshops are the perfect solution for you.

At our workshops you will gain 100% proven knowledge on the following topics:

How corporations manage their partnerships with suppliers?

How to present your business?

How to prepare an attractive offer?

How to solve problems and create value for a larger partner?



Eveneum's founders are business specialists with a long record of managing suppliers for international corporations


We developed the suppliers market in the CEE region for the leading manufacturers in the following industries: automotive, marine, oil&gas, aircraft and many others.


We travelled around the world with Heads of Procurement, providing them with solutions that turned into profitable, lasting partnerships.


We have decided it is time to share our knowledge and experience with you and help you achieve long term success in dealing with corporate buyers. Choose world-class expertise. Grow with Eveneum.

Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.