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Effective business communication

Communication is crucial to every business. Almost everything depends on it – the motivation of your team, the output of your company, the satisfaction of your clients and the quality of your relations with business partners.

Everything you learn at our effective communication workshops will prove useful in your everyday work.

How does Eveneum support effective business communication?

Our workshops deal with a host of issues:

Choosing the right communication channels,

Building and managing business partnerships,

Identifying communication barriers,

Streamlining the chain of communication and breaking barriers between departments,

Techniques of active listening and communicating your thoughts,

Cultural differences,

Non-verbal communication,

Conducting productive business meetings.

Your inability to listen and formulate your thoughts clearly, the difficulty in finding a common language, or even an accidental slip of the tongue or an unfortunate gesture may cause the other person to start wondering whether they should continue their collaboration with you. It can also make it difficult for your employees to understand and adapt to your expectations. Do not let this happen.

International business communication

Effective communication becomes even more important when you deal with international business partners and come in touch with cultural differences in your daily work. On the global level there is more to effective communication than simply being able to understand the differentia specifica between the ways of verbal and non-verbal communication in different cultures. Even if you can communicate with your business partners effectively, you have to make sure the other departments are up to the task of dealing with foreign suppliers and tackle any destructive tendencies.

Do you know what the other person is really thinking when they act in one way or another? What does it mean when the client sits down on your side of the table, far from his boss? What direction is the meeting taking, when:

a Japanese says: „difficult to say, I shall find out and get back to you”?

a Chinese: listens attentively, sticks out his tongue and cocks his head to the side?

an Englishman says: „I think it's difficult and that's why…”?

a Korean: is annoyed when you say „no way, it can't be done”?

an American: prefers to speak about problems, not people?

an Italian: turns his pockets inside out and says: „it's empty in here, how am I supposed to lower the price?”?

an Arab: sometimes you have the impression that he takes a rather liberal approach towards facts?

Learn this and much, much more at our effective communication workshops.


Attend our workshops and let our specialists share their knowledge and experience with you. Take your communication with employees, clients and business partners to a higher level of professionalism and effectiveness.

Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.