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Negotiation with suppliers

5 minutes of glory – 5 hours of thorough preparation

Here at Eveneum we do not do theory, we do not teach the same old techniques taught by other companies. If you are looking for practical workshops that are tailored to your needs – you have come to the right place.

How does Eveneum support negotiation with suppliers?

We focus on the facts. We use tools and techniques that will make a huge difference already in your first negotiation. We argue that for every five minutes of success and glory you need give hours of thorough preparation.

Research your opponent, plan your every move, have your plan A, plan B and even C ready to use in any situation. During our workshops you learn habits and techniques useful for individual negotiation scenarios and master them through a series of real-life simulations led by our qualified and experienced experts. Eveneum provides you with the tools to deal with almost any negotiation scenario.


We begin our collaboration by getting to know you and evaluating your needs, with our ultimate goal being to give you the maximum amount of profit. We will show you:

your strengths and weaknesses,

that even in a stressful situation like negotiation, you can keep a clear head, forecast, stay in control and come up with new strategies on the spot,

how to negotiate in a multicultural setting,

how to keep your negotiation professional throughout its course.

We give you maximum results with minimum effort.

Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.