Supplier Audit

Is the audit beneficial for suppliers?

Czy audyt jest korzystny dla dostawców

On our blog, we have described the benefits of periodic audits several times. However, we mainly focused on the benefits for purchasing organizations. Meanwhile, regular checks are also a value for suppliers. And that’s the value they get for free. Below are the 3 most important reasons why suppliers should be audited: Increasing reliability Positive…

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Audit of contracts – part I

Audyt kontraktow

The purpose of the audit of contracts is to identify internal and external risks associated with cooperation with suppliers and design a program of activities to increase the profitability of business relations and increase the competitiveness of the company. How does the audit of contracts works?? The model contract auditing process consists of several basic…

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Audit of contracts increases supply chain efficiency

Audyty kontraktów

Audit of contracts a way to increase the efficiency of the supply chain Ways to increase the efficiency of the supply chain are numerous. Searching for new partners able to provide a competitive advantage, developing relationships with suppliers or preparing development programs for the most important contractors – these are examples of actions that a…

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How to evaluate suppliers?


One of the most important challenges for managers responsible for supply chain management is the systematic assessment of suppliers. Of course, there is no one universal model for assessing current and potential business partners.

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CSR in supply chain management

Today’s consumers attach great importance to working conditions and how employees treat their employees. In many societies, awareness of problems related to the protection of the natural environment is also growing.

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