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Audit of contracts increases supply chain efficiency

Audit of contracts a way to increase the efficiency of the supply chain

Ways to increase the efficiency of the supply chain are numerous. Searching for new partners able to provide a competitive advantage, developing relationships with suppliers or preparing development programs for the most important contractors – these are examples of actions that a company can take to find ways to increase its competitiveness. It’s also worth paying attention to audits of current contracts, as these are activities that bring very good results.

Why is it worth auditing contracts with suppliers?

First of all, because it’s an activity that allows to adjust the supply chain to the conditions of changing market conditions and to the company’s strategy. Thanks to the conducted analyzes, the managers of purchasing departments are able to assess not only the current level of cooperation with suppliers, but also the possibilities of developing a business relationship.

It’s worth noting that contract audits are not popular activities. Most of the managers responsible for managing the shopping area openly admit that they do not carry out any work related to the evaluation of currently binding contracts or do so very rarely. This means that these activities have a large untapped potential. The main reason for this is the lack of time and focus on the tasks currently on the desk – constant extinguishing fires. 

Protection against the risk related to the supply chain

It should also be noted that raising the competitiveness of the company does not have to be the sole purpose of carrying out the audits. An equally important benefit resulting from regular contract assessment is the minimization of business risk associated with cooperation with suppliers. Conducting audits allows capturing negative records or possible errors in contracts and their quick correction – before they lead to serious consequences.


Eveneum experts have an experience necessary to evaluate contracts with suppliers. Their knowledge allows for effective control activities, but also for minimizing risks and increasing competitiveness in the area of shopping. If you need professional help – please contact us.