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Expert negotiations – what is that and what distinguishes that

The concept of negotiation has undergone a process of evolution. Initially and for a long time, negotiations were associated with diplomacy or politics. Today, without any negotiations, no company could be bypassed and they are one of the areas in which funds for the development of competences are invested.

The negotiation process is an extremely complex process. It is not only the skills acquired, but also the personal predispositions of the negotiator. Therefore, it requires constant widening of knowledge and consolidation of acquired competences. Getting to the level of a negotiation expert is a long and demanding process. But when this ceiling is reached, profits can be measurable.

Negotiating expert – how to achieve this level?

Negotiations are a specific and special form of communication. Although it is based on conversation, it is characterized by the interest of both parties. Everyone who negotiates starts a conversation with a top-down target that they want to achieve at the end. Therefore, it is necessary to be perfectly prepared for business negotiations or not to enter them at all. Spontaneous negotiation may end in failure, especially when an unprepared team takes part in them.

Climbing after successive levels of negotiation competences should be spread over time, and selected trainings should be selected according to the level of knowledge and experience of the negotiator. Expert level in negotiations is the level that experienced negotiators enter.

Undoubtedly, however, even after obtaining the certificate of a negotiating expert, one should not rest on his laurels and cease his continuous improvement of competences. Why? Because negotiations are a very human process – Human to Human, and each person is different and we can always be surprised by the behavior, style that we did not expect. Thus, regular replenishment of knowledge and information about the ways of conducting negotiation talks will allow you to properly use the knowledge you have already acquired and maintain your own skills.

What distinguishes expert negotiations?

Trainings from expert negotiations – Negotiation Coaching – are directed to people with negotiation experience and successes on the account. The level of the workshop is adjusted to the group of participants, and the introductory elements to the negotiation processes are omitted. These types of training start with specific issues and are often based on specific and complex case studies. The negotiators’ knowledge gained so far is updated to update their negotiating styles.

Expert negotiations require the participant to be agile in using specific techniques and efficiency in defining specific strategies, closely matched to the parties to the negotiation process and taking into account the business objectives of the represented party.

The negotiating expert must first and foremost remember that during the conversation every word matters, and beyond the business goal, the main goal is to achieve satisfaction on both sides of the negotiating table. Only this form of the ending of negotiations promises long-term cooperation and gives opportunities for further recommendations.

Business negotiations require patience, fine-tuning strategies and precision in conducting conversations. If you are an advanced negotiator and want to improve your skills or need a negotiation expert to carry out a strategic process for your company, we invite you to cooperate. Both we conduct workshops training negotiators, as well as conducting negotiations on behalf of the client.