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Negotiation training – is it really necessary?

Often, after starting work that’s including negotiations and after achieving first successes, it may happen that we rest on our laurels convinced of innate talent. Probably there is a lot of truth in it, because the talent for business negotiations makes it much easier to achieve the goal. However, it is not the only factor securing success. The ordered and substantive knowledge is also important.

Why is it worth to use training and negotiation workshops, regardless of professional experience?

Evolution also applies to business

Changing business conditions, technological progress, growing expectations from contractors and many other factors, affect the results of negotiations. Talent and personal determinants are an important aspect. But they should not form the only basis for the assessment of the negotiator’s competence.

An effective negotiator needs to have also have substantial knowledge and should mastered hard competences.

Who should participate in negotiation training?

Negotiation workshops are directed to every negotiator, regardless of the level of his experience. The difference lays in the level of content presented during the workshop and who will be the co-participant . Different trainings  need to be offered to beginner negotiators (link to the training), others to those advanced or at the expert level (link to the training).

Eveneum negotiation trainings are open to anyone who wants to improve his own competences.

During the negotiation workshop, you will find out, among others:

  • Techniques of persuasion and influence
  • Methods of obtaining and processing of information
  • Ways of establishing a negotiation strategy
  • Techniques for coping with stress
  • Factors affecting the conversation
  • Ways to create an environment of negotiation talks
  • Ways for effective preparation

Each subsequent level of workshops is a powerful dose of knowledge boosting your competences and helping achieve increasingly better results in negotiations.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the currently open workshops. If you want to conduct an individual negotiation workshop personalized for your industry and the team – contact us. We will prepare a program that fully meets your needs.