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Be an innovative leader

Do you feel that most training experts barely scratch the surface with most topics and that the market fails to offer more than some staple solutions that do not always work or long since ceased to be effective?

Choose our vast international corporate experience. Choose success. With us, every day brings you one step closer to a world-class level of procurement management.

How does Eveneum support purchasing competencies development?

Your business is only as productive as its weakest link. Eveneum provides you with an effective solution based on long-term cooperation and constant improvement of purchasing competencies, allowing you to streamline even the tiniest aspect of your business.

An innovative approach to purchasing competencies development – this is our goal. We support you, your business and your team through:



competence training – it will help you develop specialists focused on clearly defined values, as well as quickly evaluate their skills and adapt the collaboration model to your needs and expectations,


tool implementation – our effective tools will allow your team to approach any project in an efficient, professional manner and present it in an approachable and effective way.


customized training – with a personalized training plan and the innovative Eveneum Method, your team will acquire practical knowledge and skills that are in line with the requirements of the modern market, making them ready to perform on a world-class level