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The upper hand

Purchasing can give your business the upper hand on the market. In order to make it happen, you need to find the best possible supply sources that would allow you to maximize your profits and take your business to a higher level of quality and efficiency.

Both you and your supplier have to be sure that your current partnership is mutually profitable. If you feel that your procurement needs change and support of experienced sourcing advisers – choose Eveneum.

Project sourcing

Identifying supply sources

Assessment of performance against competitors and supplier recommendation

Monitoring the status of completion

Global Sourcing

Category groups

Defining purchasing strategy

Supply chain optimization

Best Cost Sourcing

Global vs. Local Sourcing




Owing to our practical knowledge of international markets we know how to plan a successful purchase; we know „what, where and for how much”. We know how to give you a 100% certainty that you are buying the products you need and when you need them, on the best terms possible.


The cost of purchased products and services often makes up more than half of a company's turnover. With the right way of managing your procurement and by choosing the right suppliers you can give your firm a competitive edge, gain clients, win a new contract or fulfill an existing one at a lower cost.


Reducing the costs associated with your current suppliers will let you save money, spend it on a new investment or give your staff a raise.


If you are looking for solutions that guarantee effective sourcing, you can put your trust in our experience.

Sourcing support services from Eveneum

Eveneum offers you support in the key areas of sourcing:

Project sourcing

Global Sourcing