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Global Sourcing

Go global and optimize

Globally or locally? Diversify or consolidate? Quality or cost? How often do you ask yourself such crucial purchase-related questions about your company? To Eveneum global sourcing is all about the constant search for the best solution tailored to your current needs.

You can benefit from our experience in the field of global purchasing and supplier selection.

Jak Eveneum wspiera Global Sourcing?

Global Sourcing is a series of actions aimed at finding external business partners, who can guarantee the development of your firm by providing it with the right products and services on the best possible terms.



Our team at Eveneum consists of people with a long record of strategic purchasing and multiple business contacts in various parts of the world. With us, finding the right solution tailored to your needs is easy and profitable.


We know full well that „all that glitters is not gold”. We always look at the total cost, which accounts for much more than just the price and cost of transport.


In the times of global competition, acquiring raw materials, components and services on the local market may prove insufficient to keep pace with your competitors. Our solutions, including with the Eveneum Method, will allow you to generate additional savings in procurement and build a stable and profitable business.


Take advantage of our vast experience in global procurement. Implement solutions designed by the leading companies and recognized on many occasions by institutes and procurement associations.


Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.

Did you know…?

Global Sourcing was „invented” already in antiquity. This effective purchasing strategy originated in the times when merchant-explorers would venture far overseas or deep into the interior in search of new lands, where various goods could be bought at a low price and then sold back home at a profit. Over time, this way of making money turned out to be very profitable, even if it meant journeying far out into the unknown regions of the world.

Today, however we have a well-developed network of roads, shipping lanes and airports at our disposal, along with a vast host of tools facilitating imports and exports, business networking and long distance payments – so why not try Global Sourcing? After all, it has been known to work since antiquity.

As part of our Global Sourcing range we employ the same tools that allowed the biggest corporations to achieve global success:

Category groups

Defining purchasing strategy

Supply chain optimization

Best cost sourcing

Global vs. Local Sourcing