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Best Cost Sourcing

Procurement – the strategic weapon of 21st century

Do you always buy at the best possible cost? Have you ever wondered how many things you neglect in your chase after the lowest purchase price? How many better options have you got to buy the component you need? Do you know how to avoid the expensive „low-cost markets” pitfall?

Take advantage of our experience and make sure you are heading in the right direction.

How does Eveneum support Best Cost Sourcing?

Every business operates in concrete market conditions and sourcing is often reduced to finding the lowest price. It means that when it comes to choosing the best supplier, many other considerations that influence the final cost are simply neglected, for instance:

the technological advantage brought by the supplier,


lower costs of logistics,

lower costs of problem solving,

more effective communication,

the risk associated with: currency fluctuations, the political situation of your supplier's country and possible natural disasters.

Time pressure and workload often make us opt for the cheapest supplier, and sometimes simply out of habit we resort to the same solutions time and time again, even though a thorough analysis may prove that they are, in fact, more expensive.

Here at Eveneum we know that there is more to costs than just price and that Low Cost Countries are not the only Best Cost Countries. We will help you find suppliers that can provide your business with an extra edge: lower costs, better quality, innovative technology and improved logistics.


Our team at Eveneum has a wealth of experience in the field of production processes. We will gladly to share our expertise on technology clusters, production and Best Cost markets. We will help you discover that optimal cost countries for individual product types are not necessarily the ones you expected. Get in touch with us. At Eveneum we always take a structured look on the task at hand. If one of the parameters is of special importance to you, we will account for it in our proposal.

Let us carry out Best Cost Sourcing for your business, and you will be surprised how many competitive solutions are within your reach.

Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.