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Defining sourcing strategy

An effective strategy

We often ask ourselves what is the secret behind the success of the people or businesses we look up to. What do they do to make everything work so smoothly? One of their tricks is knowing exactly where they want to be in a few years' time. Having such vision allows them to identify the steps that are necessary to achieve their goals. Pure theory? Not at all!

The sourcing strategy is a plan that will make your current procurement activities significantly easier and more effective. With Eveneum's help you will see your business take shape and evolve.

How does Eveneum support sourcing strategy design?

You need a great strategy. One that involves a SMART goal and ways of achieving it that are clearly defined and well-designed but also flexible enough so as to enable you to react to the changing business conditions. We will achieve that goal together.

We assist you in designing a sourcing strategy by:

evaluating the current state of your business,

ranking your suppliers,

indicating areas that need change or improvement,

finding and applying the right KPIs,

recommending an action plan.



Our experts helped to develop and implement successful, global-level sourcing strategies for the largest world corporations that are admired for their efficiency and organization.


If you look to plan ahead and leave the competition behind, we are here to help. With the support of our advisers you will learn where you are in terms of your business and how to navigate the market and ensure the continued success of your firm.


We know as well as anyone that a good strategy is more than a piece of paper – it is something that mobilizes your whole organization. We will turn your sourcing strategy into a living, breathing document, able to inspire your business partners to follow and adapt.

Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.