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Work progress monitoring

Professional work progress monitoring service

When it comes to project sourcing it is essential to make sure your orders are being completed in accordance with the time limits set in your contract. If you want to make sure that the supply chain in your business works exactly as you expect it to, choose Eveneum's supervision services.

How does Eveneum support work progress monitoring?

Based on your individual needs our advisers will:

design plans for auditing work progress,

suggest corrective actions,

provide you with a written inspection report on work progress.



Eveneum provides you with innovative and proven methods of monitoring the completion status of your orders – now you can be sure that the flow of supplies for your business project is fully under control right from the moment the order is made, up until its successful completion.


Do not let your suppliers keep you in the dark – choose Eveneum!

Our innovative solutions are individually tailored to suit your needs. Get in touch with our Eveneum consultant in order to learn more about working with us.