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CorpoDeal – unobvious training for sellers

Are you a seller? Are you wondering how to actively influence purchasing strategy of the the client? How to achieve and then maintain the status of a strategic supplier? How to build long-lasting and profitable relationship? And how to increase the chances of sales development?

We know very well that above questions are asked by many sellers. Especially at the end of the year when they are short of time and there is still ambitious sales plan to be implemented . In the following post we will try to suggest a solution that in our opinion is extremely helpful in achieving the expected results.

Understanding of the buyer’s perspective

One of the most important, basic and unfortunately quite common  barriers to sell is an ignorance or insufficient knowledge of customers. Market practice shows that as many as 80 percent of sellers do not know enough about potential buyers. This means that they are not able to consciously and actively influence the decisions of buyers and fulfil their goals.

Participation in workshops organized by experienced professional buyers creates the opportunity to better understand expectations of customers, as well as to develop their purchasing profiles and better understand their policies. Thanks to the knowledge gained, the seller can understand how his offer is perceived by the clients. He achieves an advantage in business negotiations, leapfrogs the competition, gains the position of the preferred supplier and, as a result is increasing sales.


Eveneum specializes in practical solutions. That is why we have created the “CorpoDeal“. It is a workshops during which we help sellers to look at the business through customers’ eyes, to work out their clients’ strategy and gain position of the strategic supplier. We invite you to contact us!