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CSR in supply chain management

Where did the growing importance of CSR in supply chain management?

Today’s consumers attach great importance to working conditions and how employees treat their employees. In many societies, awareness of problems related to the protection of the natural environment is also growing. All this makes consumers pay more and more attention to the activities of companies in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Due to the increased awareness of customers, any negative events in social or environmental areas may harm both the image of the brand and the economic results achieved by the producer. On the other hand, these positive ones can be a source of market competitive advantage. The key to success is the right supply chain demand.

How to manage the supply chain?

How to manage the supply chain to minimize the risk of adverse effects? Definitely worth the start of the audit suppliers, through which it will be possible to identify potentially dangerous practice and preparation tools to eliminate them. Let us remember that a full audit should apply to both suppliers of direct and indirect.

However, only control is not enough. Companies striving to minimize risks in the area of corporate social responsibility should also implement practices that ensure full transparency of CSR principles applied by suppliers. Thanks to constant monitoring, it is possible the early detection of potentially dangerous areas and preventing the escalation, which can be a source of serious trouble.

At Eveneum, we help our clients manage supply chains – also in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. We conduct audits and design solutions tailored to the individual needs of clients. We invite you to contact all those interested in this important socially and economically important area.