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Eveneum on “XI Purchasing Forum” – Backdoor Selling

As previously announced, we were present at the “11th PurchasingForum”, which took place on June 15-18, 2018 in Warsaw. What’s more, Rafał Dados – Managing Partner Eveneum – had the pleasure to moderate a discussion panel on the phenomenon of backdoor selling. The subject was very interested in the Forum guests, and the level of discussion was highly appreciated by the participants and organizers.

What is back door selling?

It is a set of activities undertaken by vendors to mitigate the customer’s negotiating position. Typically, these activities rely on the use of natural interpersonal communication processes and the acquisition of “critical” information that allows them to gain an advantage over the buyer.

The second popular way is to contact project or product department employees and sell products, bypassing the purchasing department.

Why action back door selling so effective? Well, they help sellers to maximize the chance of selling their product and securing the level of margins. It is no wonder then that these negotiation techniques are widely used. It is, however, worth considering the implementation of tools to prevent sales from the back door.

Eveneum solution

Eveneum organizes workshops on the phenomenon of backdoor selling. Their goal is to raise awareness of the risks and potential losses associated with the sale of the back door. During the workshops, we analyze real examples and through negotiation games we teach how to oppose this type of practices of sellers and use them to improve the negotiating position and achieve their own goals. We invite all interested parties to contact us.