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Talent management in the purchasing department

The market observed an urgent need for reorientation of activities in the area of talent management. The crisis associated with the acquisition, maintenance and development of employees is becoming a serious problem for many organizations.

Of course, this problem also applies to purchasing departments. New tasks for buyers – eg in the area of innovation – require changes in the talent management strategy, thanks to which it will be possible to minimize the negative effects of the upcoming competency gap, but also to maximize the positive impact of purchasing on the company’s competitiveness level.

A new definition of “talent” and new training programs

What strategic activities are worth taking? One of the most important is defining the scope of knowledge and skills, thanks to which employees of purchasing departments will be able to achieve the business goals set before them. Another priority is the adjustment of training programs – in the areas of negotiation, managing relationships with suppliers and the use of modern IT tools – to the actual needs of the company.

While performing the above steps, it is worth remembering the purchasing department managers. According to many experts, it is the development of managers that is the biggest challenge for companies and that is why they often prefer to focus on programs dedicated to lower-level employees. Meanwhile, managers need advanced training programs, thanks to which it will be possible to adjust purchasing activities for business purposes.

Attracting talents thanks to their development

Clear definition of the expected level of knowledge and skills helps not only to prepare tailor-made training programs. Precise competence requirements and defined development paths also facilitate the recruitment of new employees. Talented people are fully aware of the importance of continuous development and are more likely to choose employers who provide them with such opportunities. Increasingly, the prospect of professional development is assessed by potential employees higher than competitive remuneration or other non-wage benefits.

In Eveneum we know how important it is talent management. That is why we have created attractive and tailored training programs for buyers and managers of purchasing departments. We invite you to contact us.