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Alternative Dispute Resolution

A higher level of understanding

When there is a conflict of interests between you and your business partner and you let your emotions get the better of you, when the situation seems to be getting worse instead of improving and when you see no chance of arriving at a compromise – you probably need a professional mediator.

Eveneum's experts are at your disposal – we are experienced business mediators, certified by the prestigious Jagiellonian University in Cracow.



Mediation is a cost- and time-efficient alternative to legal action. Taking the conflict to court is the last resort for business partners.


A simple solution as it may appear, litigation irreversibly damages your business relations with the other party, and small wonder - such experience would deter anyone from further collaboration with the other side.?


In contrast to the arbitrary ruling of the court, mediation is a way of finding a compromise between the sides, which can potentially strengthen your relations and promote a partnership based on mutual understanding.


We will make every effort to make your mediation with your business partner professional and effective. Get in touch with Eveneum's mediators today and learn how much you can gain.

How does Eveneum support Alternative Dispute Resolution?

We provide a range of ADR services including:

Indirect mediation

Direct mediation

Obtaining consent to mediation