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Due diligence

A solid foundation for important decisions

When you assess a potential merger or acquisition candidate, do you follow the due diligence rule?

We offer you a unique due diligence services, which allow for a thorough investigation of the procurement process of a given business, its supply chain and production efficiency.

How does Eveneum support due diligence?

Due diligence means subjecting a merger or acquisition candidate to a detailed evaluation of its economic condition.

The key added value we give our Clients is the final report, which sums up the current state of the business they are interested in and outlines possible measures for streamlining its procurement and manufacturing functions.

Our advisers will carry out a thorough due diligence exercise including the following services:

Procurement efficiency auditing

Procurement contract auditing

Supplier auditing

Supply chain auditing

Production process auditing

Indicating possibilities for internal processes development and streamlining

Designing an improvement implementation plan

What is the purpose of due diligence?

The main reason for due diligence is to identify the risks and opportunities before green light for a merger or acquisition is given. This allows for the Buyer and the Seller to prepare accordingly and lays the groundwork for negotiations.

We find due diligence to be an indispensable element of any takeover process: components themselves often account for more than 50 percent of a product’s value. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate



Every investment should be based on the foundation of a thorough and accurate analysis. Analyzing the sales and financial reports and investigating the potential market of the business may not be sufficient to accurately assess the risk and the costs you might need to incur in order to make the your object of interest competitive over the long run.


Thanks to our experience and the application of the unique Eveneum Method to pre-sales auditing and procurement function evaluation you will know if you are investing in a giant with clay feet or a well-organized, efficient and profitable business.


Choose Eveneum and provide your business with a solid and secure footing for making important decisions.