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Benefits related to sustainable supply chain management

In one of the previous post, we raised the issue of the negative effects related to the non-application of CSR principles in supply chain management. However, in the implementation of sustainable supply chain management, it is not only about minimizing risks, but also about increasing the company’s competitiveness.

Getting new markets

The application of CSR principles in supply chain management increases the company’s chances of acquiring new markets – especially developed markets where conscious customers dominate.

Thanks to CSR principles, future clients gain confidence that the company’s activities in the areas of labor rights and environmental protection are in line with their views and expectations. The opinion about the products offered by it is also improved. All this makes the company better assessed – which obviously increases the chances of success in the new market.

Better perception by investors, banks and employees

Sustainable supply chain management also helps in locating sources of funding for the company – both among investors and banks. Why? CSR has a positive impact on the risk profile and makes financing safer. Thanks to it, the company gains an advantage over its competitors seeking funding.

It’s worth noting that the application of CSR principles increases the company’s attractiveness to potential employees. Research and analysis clearly show that companies respecting CSR achieve better results also in the area of human resources management – they are able to attract and retain better qualified and more experienced employees. And this is of great importance in the current market situation.


If you’re planing to implement sustainable supply chain management and are looking for proven ways to implement CSR principles in your company – contact Eveneum experts. Thanks to us, this process will be faster and bring the expected results.