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IT solutions in supply chain management

Modern IT solutions are used in all areas of business operations. On the Internet you can find thousands of articles on the application of the latest technologies in the areas of marketing, sales and customer relationship management. The shopping area is not an exception in this respect and may also benefit from the implementation of new, advanced IT tools.

Of course, the scope of benefits arising from the implementation of modern systems is huge and it’s impossible to describe them all in one entry. Therefore, we will focus on the possibilities in the area of data collection.

The data necessary for effective supply chain management

Cooperation with suppliers means the need to collect a lot of data. They concern key areas for cooperation, namely:

  • the level of quality of deliveries
  • timely deliveries
  • technological possibilities of suppliers
  • potential of suppliers in the area of R & D
  • level of management (eg management of financial liquidity, application of social responsibility policy principles, etc.)

The use of advanced IT systems in this area allows, among other things, to automate the process of data collection and to improve communication processes with suppliers. However, the availability of data in one system makes it easier to analyze, identify trends and make decisions.

Data analysis

The use of modern systems allows for a quick, effective and multi-faceted way to analyze cooperation with suppliers. The collected data can be used for periodic evaluations of suppliers, but also for making strategic decisions regarding the supply chain.

Fast data analysis means, among others:

  • the possibility of constant monitoring of quality parameters and timeliness
  • the ability to identify trends and prevent potential problems related to, for example, the risk of losing the continuity of supply
  • the ability to identify suppliers with the highest potential, also in the area of innovation

As a result of analyzes of large amounts of data, it’s easier to make accurate purchasing decisions, build effective negotiation strategies and take other actions aimed at building competitiveness in the area of shopping.

Eveneum experts are authors of ESSA system (Eveneum Strategic Sourcing Application) – an information ecosystem to help manage relationships with suppliers. Our solution allows you to transfer many distributed processes to one tool, thanks to which it is possible to both reduce labor-related costs related to supply chain management as well as streamlining decision-making processes.