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How to solve problems during building a purchasing strategy?

Preparation and implementation of the purchasing strategy isn’t an easy task. All the more so, because the strategy that suits the needs of the organization in this area, is not only a source of savings. It’s also one of the most important competitive advantages and one of the best ways to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What are the three most common problems related to the construction of a purchasing strategy?

Understanding the company’s strategy

The most important thing in this case is finding the right balance between the three key elements of the strategy: the service, i.e. the level of customer service, cost and innovation. Thanks to this, you can identify the company’s competitive advantages and translate them into expectations towards suppliers.

Lack of data

The first problem faced by managers responsible for purchasing management, is the lack of data. This is both about current data related to cooperation with suppliers and market data.

Most often, organizations don’t pay enough attention to the information gathering process. They also don’t have tools to support data collection. As a result, they don’t have the right data range or have poor quality information.

Lack of an IT tools

The second important problem is the lack of an IT system supporting the management of the purchasing strategy. Lack of adequate technological support not only hinders the preparation of strategies, but also prevents systematic verification of its effectiveness and designing corrective actions. Why?

IT system enables fast and precise analysis of results. Modern technologies allow for automatic identification of the most important problems and support managers in making decisions. And what is extremely important – they make analysis and decisions don’t require tedious work and can be taken immediately.

Eveneum solution

The ESSA system eliminates the problems described above. We offer you a solution based on the best purchasing practices implemented in leading companies, including from the automotive, aviation and pharmaceutical sectors. Thanks to the Supplier Portal integrated with ERP, it enables access to the Assessment Card and the Matrix of Competence of suppliers on an ongoing basis. The ESSA implementation allows to make the right purchasing decisions supporting the company’s strategy as well as regarding eg segmentation of suppliers, risk assessment or compliance with procurement policies by suppliers.