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Business negotiations with suppliers

On our blog, we discuss topics related to increasing the competitiveness of companies. We have already written about suppliers’ development programs and the use of CSR to build market advantages. This time we will write a few words about the training of negotiation methods and techniques.

Preparation for business negotiations

Preparation is the stage that can determine the success of future negotiations. It includes, among others, the objectives and proper negotiation strategy.

How to effectively prepare for business negotiations? The first step is professional training that allows you to learn about negotiation techniques and the most important tools. Another can be the training of acquired skills with a professional partner, i.e. a so-called “sparring partner” negotiating. Such training increases the probability of success, but also facilitates building positive relationships with suppliers and maintaining them at a professional level. You have to add something about the joint preparation for negotiations, the development of the other party. Searching for possible negotiating leverages, strengths and threats. All this is to be aimed at optimizing the results of our clients – we can put a reference letter from Bahlsen on the website. The project concerned the purchase of new production lines.

Conducting business negotiations

Even the best prepared plan requires equally good execution. Can you also use the help of professionally prepared negotiators during the meeting?

Of course, yes. The negotiating advisers can play the role of team members involved in the process as well as take on the role of the so-called “negotiation shades”. In the latter case, they focus on observing the behavior of negotiators, thanks to which it is possible to identify their strengths and, what is important, the areas that need improvement.

Eveneum offer

In Eveneum we know how important for each company are carried out in a professional and successful business negotiations. We help our clients at every stage – starting from professional preparation and consulting during meetings.