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Negotiation “Sparring Parnter”

Negotiation "Sparring Parnter", or a well-tried way of training negotiation techniques.

In the previous post, we raised the subject of business negotiations. One of these ways to prepare for the process of negotiation training was "Sparring Partner". In this note, we will try to explain the benefits of this method of preparation.

Business negotiations and achieving company goals

One of the most important goals for negotiators is the preparation of profitable contacts, thanks to which it is possible to improve the company's competitiveness. However, very often different expectations of the process participants make the agreement difficult to achieve.

Using the "Sparring Partners" help allows you to adjust the negotiation strategy and techniques to the business goals you have set. It enables negotiators to prepare for the most difficult situations and practice the various scenarios of the negotiations. Thanks to such preparation it is possible not only to achieve better results, but also to shorten the time needed to reach an agreement.

Business negotiations and building relationships with suppliers

Business negotiations are not only achieve short-term goals. This process can also be used to build long-term relationships with suppliers.

How to conduct the negotiations, so that they become the beginning of a successful business relationship? There is no one universal approach. Using the method Compass Negotiating Eveneum® must adapt to the situation. Training with "Sparring Partner" is very helpful in this. Why? Well, the start of the training requires the professional consultant Eveneum to prepare, among others, analysis of the selected market and potential contractors. This makes it much easier to identify both the actual needs of contractors and the mutual benefits of possible cooperation. Using this knowledge when preparing a negotiation strategy can be a good introduction to building a long-lasting and fruitful business relationship.

Eveneum helps its clients by preparing professional negotiation training sessions. Our knowledge, experience and knowledge of the market allows you to improve the efficiency of negotiations, de-escalate conflicts and build lasting competitive advantages.