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How to cushion the impact of hard business negotiations on long-term relationships?

In the previous post, we discussed the potential impact of ambitious goals and tough negotiations on business relationship. However, there are situations in which such tactics are necessary. Is it possible to generate SATISFACTION in the process of tough business negotiations? YES! In this case, apart from hard negotiation knowledge, we recommend soft skills.

Limited satisfaction

By showing moderate satisfaction from the outcome of business negotiations, even when we achieved very good terms, we show respect to the partner. Let them know that you also had to reduce your initial expectations. Especially in case of a long term cooperation we should ensure that a business partner does not have a feeling that we have taken advantage of him.

Delaying acceptance of the deal

Another technique which affects the satisfaction level, is too rapid acceptance of the conditions. Instant acceptance may cause dissatisfaction of the partner. It is causing question like „should I have asked for more?”. For this reason, even if the proposal is good show that you need to think it over. This could be a minute, an hour or days, depending what the subject of negotiations is. It is sometimes worth prolonging negotiations with the aim of even slightly improving the other party's satisfaction. In the end, if something comes to us with an effort, we appreciate it more!

Message management

Good communication management is extremely important during business negotiations. Using the EVENEUM technique "No NOs" we provide business partners with positive messages, even if our conditions are hard.  If necessary negative signals should be transmitted in the smallest possible number of messages. Ultimately, what your partner really cares of is what you can accept and not what you cannot.

It should also be remembered that negotiations are just one of RM [relationship management] elements.

Do negotiations help build good relation?

Unfortunately, the reality is often that we meet with our partners when we want something from them, we have a problem to solve or we have to negotiate a contract. This little analogy to private life. How often do we call friends without a specific need, just to ask "how is it going?”. That's why it is so important to provide continuous feedback to business partner, even if there are difficult subjects to be discussed.

Negotiations are just one of the RM [relationship management] elements. They are generating stress and conflict and therefore should not be the only part of the RM process. In business, good relations simply 😊 mean finding the balance. They need to be adequate and fair. The same applies to negotiations. We need to find what works best for us in a specific situation. Is it defensive, offensive, neutral or maybe mixed approach?


These are only selected techniques that can be used to build a SATISFACTION in negotiations. Do you want to know more? Take advantage of our rich  offer of negotiation trainings.