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Is the audit beneficial for suppliers?

On our blog, we have described the benefits of periodic audits several times. However, we mainly focused on the benefits for purchasing organizations. Meanwhile, regular checks are also a value for suppliers. And that’s the value they get for free.

Below are the 3 most important reasons why suppliers should be audited:

  1. Increasing reliability

Positive post-audit evaluation is a confirmation that the supplier is able to meet contractual obligations in the manner expected by the purchasing organization. Positive evaluation is a proof of achieving high results in the areas of quality and timeliness of deliveries as well as financial condition of the company.

The audit may also be a confirmation of the implementation and application of the social responsibility policy (CSR), which is currently one of the priorities of companies operating in Europe and the United States.

  1. Providing competitive advantage

Conducting regular audits encourages continuous improvement. It is also a chance to get to know the latest market trends, new technologies and solutions in the field of information systems.

As a result, it helps to further increase competitiveness and provides additional value to the buyer. It is also can also help in generating an advantage to the market together. And this is currently one of the most important factors for the success – entire supply chain competitiveness.

  1. Better position in the negotiation and protection of the margin

High credibility and the ability to provide customers with a competitive advantage means customer satisfaction. Suppliers who can boast of good results in these areas are desirable business partners both for current customers and for new ones. In practice, this means the possibility of developing relationships, increasing the customer base and, as a result, increasing revenues.

High credibility and the ability to provide market advantage also strengthens the position of the supplier in business negotiations.


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