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Negotiations “on behalf”

On our blog we have emphasised multiple times importance of  proper preparation for negotiations. We have described the methods of improving competences in this area.

However, we realize that not all our clients have adequate experience, like to negotiate or have enough time to prepare themselves in the best possible way. That is why we have introduced “negotiations on behalf of the client” into our offer. Now you can use experience of Eveneum experts to obtain the best possible results in your negotiations.

Definition of the client’s business objectives

The cooperation of Eveneum negotiation experts with the client begins with a thorough understanding of the subject, gathering detailed information about the other party and determining the goals the client wants to achieve. During the meetings, we also define the minimum and maximum expectations of the client.

It is crucial to get familiar with documentation – both concerning current negotiation as well as with other existing contracts for similar products or services. Thus it is possible to minimize the potential risks and seize the opportunities.

Definition and execution of the negotiating strategy

The next stage of preparations is the development of a negotiation strategy. In our work, we focus on creating negotiation scenarios and determining their impact on the goals. Then we propose solutions tailored to the client’s expectations.

The developed options are the basis for the negotiation process, which uses the best practices in this area. Obtained results can often outweigh the most optimistic assumptions of the purchasing organization.

Each person is an expert in his own field, and negotiations are sometimes difficult nut to crack. You don’t have to be familiar with negotiations. You don’t need to meet people you don’t like – it is enough to present your needs to us and we will take care of it.

We kindly invite you to get familiar with Eveneum’s “negotiation on behalf”.