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Negotiation games – practice makes masters

We have repeatedly emphasized the importance of practice. This does not mean, of course, that theory is not valid. However, indisputably, knowledge and skills are much better consolidated during their practice than just listening to theories.

What are negotiation games? How do they help to improve negotiating skills? What is the difference between practical workshops and theoretical training?

What are negotiation games and how do they differ from negotiation training?

Unlike typical theoretical training, during negotiation games we get together in pairs or teams and take on a specific role just like the opposite side. We start the negotiation process, treating the other party as a contractor or seller – depending on the role assumed – and our task is to achieve a predetermined goal.

Negotiation games can take many forms. They appear both in the form of practical negotiation workshops, as well as board games, containing gameplay accessories. Each negotiation game is prepared by experts in the field of negotiation. Some are based on generally accepted standards and principles, available in textbooks, and some on innovative and proprietary methods.

Why is it worth participating in competitions and negotiation workshops?

The theory is extremely important. Therefore, the value of training should not be deleted. Thanks to theory, we acquire, supplement and organize knowledge. However, even the best transferred theoretical knowledge must be translated into practice to consolidate information and check it in various scenarios. Negotiation workshops offer this possibility. In Eveneum, workshops for business consist of both theoretical and practical parts. In addition, they are based on the proprietary Eveneum method and personalized feedback for each participant.

The exchange of experience is also an important aspect. During negotiation workshops, you can not only share your own experience with other participants, but also get to know the experiences of them and the teacher. This is extremely valuable knowledge.

How do you face your competitors without risk?

During negotiation workshops, you have the opportunity to play a role based on the actual situations you face in your everyday work. An undoubted advantage of this solution is the fact that it is done without incurring losses in resources. In addition, you can rewrite various scenarios, face possible objections and develop optimal models for overcoming difficult situations during negotiation talks.

In 2019, the first edition of the innovative event took place. It was the Negotiation and Mediation Tournament for business. You can read about the details on the event page. Due to the nature and positive reception of the first edition, the organizers are already preparing for the next. This is a great circumstance to confront your own skills with those of other negotiators, perhaps even competitors.