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Optimization of purchasing processes – trends for 2019 part 1

A well-organized and efficient purchasing department has an unquestionably positive effect on the organization’s financial results. Daily work of buyers is strongly connected to minimization of costs and risks in the supply chain.

However, over the last years we can observe transformation of the function that will impact work of buyers and managers.  Those changes are aimed at transforming purchasing departments into business leaders generating innovation and increasing competitiveness of the organization and not only the cost reduction.

Will 2019 bring significant changes in the trends observed? Is the revolution waiting for purchasing departments? On the contrary – will we continue the current development directions?

Maintaining experienced and attracting new employees will be a challenge

Acquiring, maintaining and developing employees will be one of the most important challenges for purchasing managers in the coming years. It turns out that more than half of them believe that the current competences of their teams don’t guarantee achieving the goals set for the modern purchasing department focusing on value creation.

At the same time, according to a study by Middlesex University, up to 74 percent of employees were of the opinion that they couldn’t achieve their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities.

What does it mean for companies who want to effectively attract and retain the best employees as well as achieve business goals? Certainly, they need to pay more attention to the quality and scope of training programs.

Improvement of negotiating skills – negotiation techniques and strategies

One of those areas that should never be underestimated are negotiation skills. Having high-class negotiators is always an important element of the puzzle, thanks to which companies gain an advantage over their competitors. Future negotiators need to be able to skilfully apply techniques and strategies from bargaining, concession trading, relationship building and value creation. Depending on the relationship they want to develop with their partners.

What does it mean for departments responsible for people development? Of course, they need to pay special attention to the effectiveness of workshops and selection of the training partners who well understand their business. Only good match will help to achieve further levels of competence required in the future


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