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Project management in procurement. Agile & traditional.

Training objectives

Project based portfolio management
Effective collaboration with internal business partners
Agile vs. traditional approach. Where to?
Manage sourcing project

Benefits from trainings

Better internal business partners needs mapping process. Convincing stakeholders to execute the project. Leading project team - RASIC. When we have the biggest impact on VALUE and when on COST.

Establishing a project charter. Backward and forward planning. Identifying critical path, setting milestones. Defining KPIs, TCO, desired ROI (time vs. money).

What the project in procurement is. Routine tasks vs. project management. Different project lifecycles based on category or service that we are responsible for.

Training description

Purchasing is one of the most interdisciplinary fields in the company. It sits in a crossroad of several workflows, requiring broad skills set in managing buyer's work queue on short and long term basis.

Typical day of a buyer is full of interruptions, sudden tasks and requests to perform actions with “yesterday” deadline.

Buyer has to plan his/her daily agenda very carefully on one hand to be able to deliver own KPIs and on the other hand to support internal business partners and keep service level high.

This workshop equips team of buyers with skills and tools to better manage Buying Center, which they belong to.

project management

Training framework agenda

Project management in procurement

  • Project, what does it stand for in procurement?
  • The main differences between agile & traditional approach to projects
  • Routine tasks vs. project management
  • Project lifecycle
  • Urgent vs. important

Sourcing project management

  • Project plan: backward & forward planing, critical path, project milestones and gates
  • KPIs & TCO definition at the project level
  • Expected ROI (time vs. money)
  • Partners engagement schedule

Project based portfolio management

  • Prioritizing of projects list
  • Criticality matrix
  • Assessing risk vs. implementation complexity
  • Stakeholders expectations management
  • Initial resources planning

Stakeholders management

  • Internal & external partners mapping
  • Influencing & convincing partners to collaboration on project
  • Project team management
  • When we do have the biggest impact on value & cost
  • Functional specification, value for money


  • Rafal Dados

    Rafał Dados

    18+ years of experience in project sourcing and strategic procurement. Managing Partner at Eveneum, a company specialized in advisory and competencies development. Focused on sectors where relationship building and trust element between partners is the mission critical factor. Supports customers on early suppliers engagement processes and early procurement engagement into R+D work. He has been delivering projects related to: negotiations on behalf, niche technology suppliers scouting. Keynote speaker at Polish and international conferences. Lecturer at Jagiellonian University  (Procurement Management post graduate studies).

Project management in procurement. Agile & traditional.

Duration: 8 hours

Accessing through: Microsoft Teams

Start time: 9:00 a.m. CET

Delivered in closed class version.

Contact us if you want to attend open class.

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